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Thread: ESC is dead.

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    ESC is dead.

    After hooking up my battery today I found the throttle did not work. Took a look at the ESC and found the light is not on, but the steering still works. Any ideas whats wrong. Thanks.

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    throttle trim on zero?
    lvc on or off for what battery your using?
    button stuck?
    re sink transmitter
    check all connector even the motor

    also try disconnecting the servo and then try to turn on the esc (it sounds weird but the servo can short out and cause the esc to not turn on to protect its self)
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    my throttle trim is at zero.
    when last checked lvc is off, using 7 cell nimh.
    i thought the same at first but i can feel it click.
    using a dx3s radio - doesn't need to be resinc.
    all connections are good - even tried swapping throttle with steering - no change.

    i took the esc apart and there is a chunk of the epoxy inside it missing - not sure if it could be the problem.
    i think the only thing i can do is call Traxxas on monday.

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