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    Best LIPO / Charger Choice

    Getting ready to purchase a 4x4 slash and want to get LIPOS. Any recommendations based off of reliability, ease of maintenance (not burning of my esc) and cost? Also a decent charger



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    Do you have a budget in mind ?

    Are you planning to run 2s or 3s lipo ?

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    Check out the thread called "Battery options for Slash 4x4". It was started by SirSlash and it has 3 pages of posts answering your very question. I just got my Slash 4x4 and found that thread to be very helpful. Hope this helps.

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    ok here's my take on it.
    to not burn your esc, don't go 3s. (3s rocks, but the stock system doesn't seem up to it.) (but if you're willing to spend the $$, by all means go 3s and upgrade to a MMP and better engine!)
    I run a 6400Mah 3s and a 5000Mah 3s from Venom. I had to solder a new traxxas plug on one of those this weekend as the stock one had somehow worked itself loose.
    I should be getting tomorrow, one 8000Mah 20c 3s and one 5000Mah 20c 3s from SPC. They are GOOD GOOD people to work with. Super quick to get your batteries to you, and very helpful. (so out of Venom and SPC I vote SPC so far, but time will tell on performance.
    Charger I have a passport charger, but i don't really like it. the balance connectors are all loose and it doesn't seem too high quality, but i got what I paid for.
    I also have an Ac6 on the way too, hoping that that will be a better charger.

    Costs - both venoms were about $75 and i think my SPCs were between $70-$100.
    Chargers - both about $60.
    MMP ESC - $120
    Kershaw 9L motor- $60

    good luck

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    There are so many Battery threads, basicly it boild down to*********.com = cheap but desent for the $
    Venom = a good mid priced battery
    SPC =a better mid priced bat
    MAXAMPS = great Battery, $$$$$$$

    Thunder AC6 for a cheap but Pretty good charger

    just have to search the forums for a bit, there is tons of info, its your $ do the research and Enjoy what every you choose to get

    I have 6 of the 3s "Blue" LiPO's from, I enjoy them greatly
    I also use the Thunder AC6 charger, I love it!!!!!!!!, sure it take a tad over 1 hour to charge my 3's 5000MaH but with 6 of them I really dont care

    3's are INSANE fun but expensive to run(lots of broken parts and upgrades) would I run any thing else...Heck no!!

    If you plan on 3's I would also recommend the kershaw 9l motor and the MMP esc and a full set of RPM arms, then all you'll have to replace will be tires, drive shafts, and other drive train parts till you get it all upgraded.

    I have never ran 2's Lipos so no help from me on them
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    Maxamps= ripoff, overpriced, over rated, performs like mid range pack.
    Hyperion G3 = Great battery, good price, for what you get
    SPC =Good battery, great service, great bang for buck
    Hobbypartz/generic lipos= more hit and miss, most these days seem to be descent cells, with less then perfect builds. Can find some very good deals.

    IMO if you need a good plug and play pack, SPC is hard to beat.
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