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    Antennae issues?

    I have be enjoying my Summit for almost a year now.
    After a few accidental runs under real vehicles, I have lost about
    7 inches of the antennae. I am just starting to notice
    some glitches with the truck moving when I
    am not giving the transmitter any input! Will the short
    antennae do this?
    I know that I shouldn't splice the wire but are there any
    do's and don't to soldering a new antennae inside the receiver?

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    Just make sure the you use the proper length of wire for the antnna.
    This will depend on the color of your crystal, and what frequency the
    crystal indicates. If you cut it too short or leave it too long, it will
    NOT operate properly.
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    Not really enough difference between the crystal frequencies for that to matter. Just try to make it the length it was originally.

    You also can splice the wire no problem on a 27MHz radio, but do it so that the splice itself is inside the antenna tube (might have to cut another inch or two of the wire off). This way the soldered joint is protected and doesn't flex and break again right away.

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