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    2.4ghz LINK problem

    my TX started acting up today and my slash went to 50% like it hit LVC, so i brought it in and the ESC was solid green, i checked the TX and it was flashing slow red like the batterys were low so i swapped them out with brand new ones and same issue, slow blinking red. thinking it could have lost bind with RX i followed the steps to re-bind and now i get throttle/steering and the TX is solid green then on a power cycle it started flashing red/green/red/green/red/green.. i turned off both RX and TX and turned TX on again and now flashing red slow (again like batteries are dead) but i volt metered them and they are all 4 at 1.60V (AA's).. i re-bind and same sequence occurs..

    what could the problem be??
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