Yup, i was actualy just going to come and post an update:

Im working with the CNC machining guy, and hes going to do up a buck for me this weekend. The unfortunate part, is that I am out of the country next week, so I wont be able to see it until next weekend (the 19th or so).. So hopefully everything goes alright while im away and when I come back I should have pictures of the buck/template that im going to take to the thermalformer.

Its taken a few weeks extra for this project then i wanted to, but ive also savedalmost 2 grand by waiting so its been worth it in the pocket book anyhow :P Even though there are a few times i was almost going to say "yeah whatever, 1000 bucks more and its done tomorrow is worth it" hehe..

I will update again as soon as I get back to the country and with any luck some pics of the final prototype!