This thread will be for PERSONAL experiences with gearing.

Since most all of us are now using nitro 3.3 diffs conventional gearing tables are all irrelevant.

We will use the format:

1) Diff type (e.g. stock or 3.3)
2) ESC used (xl-5, vxl etc.)
3) Motor type (brushed/brushless)
4) Motor rating (turns/Kv)
5) Pinion size (28, 29 etc.)
6) Spur size (78, 81 etc.)
7) Slipper clutch (yes or no)
8) Your personal opinion (please keep it short and to the point)
9) Any misc. information (bushings/bearings, wide conversion etc.)

Take your time to help each other out, we all need this information.

It may take a while to catch on but it will be very useful in to everyone.

Feel free to provide links.

Please sticky