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    Lipo Storage Container?

    Did a bit of reading but didnt find an answer to my sat.

    Lipo care has me a bit nervous about storage location. In addition to Lipo Bags is there a prefered container? In the garage or outside, in a container?

    For now I have them placed on the middle of the cement floor in bags but it's not very convenient. These things seem to be a PAIN.

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    Ceramic jars, military ammo cans, fire proof safes, pyrex bowls, etc.

    I have most of mine on a fireplace cast iron grate.

    REALITY!! I've been using LiPos for over 5 years and have never had an issue with them. IMO you definitly should use some protection when charging .... but storing them should not be a problem. Hobby shops have them all layed out in the cabinets and hanging on the wall.

    You should be cautious .... but they are very safe.


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    I have mine in ammo cans. Every one of my batteries has its own ammo can. I used to store them all in one then got to thinking that if one goes off there goes the rest.

    I acctually had one cell vent inside of one of the ammo cans and the ammo can was on my hobby desk and nothing around it was damaged. The ammo can did a pretty good job of containing everything.

    The ammo cans are pretty cheap too, there only like 5 bucks at army surplus store.


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    I use a small fireproof safe for storage at home along with a couple of lipo sacks on the cement floor in the garage. For travel, I have an ammo box they go in.

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    Iv got mine in a Mastercraft all steel tool box.

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    I keep mine in an old school lunch box. The only reason i use this is b/c i sometimes leave lipos in my black car. There was no way around it.

    Do amo cans heat up if left out in the sun? Or are they thermally insulated?

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