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    Traxxas PowerUp Question

    Okay so I have a 2wd Slash with the old TQ transmitter and receiver combo and the receiver got all messed up and doesn't work anymore. I was looking at doing the PowerUp and getting 2.4ghz so I can use one transmitter for my vehicles.

    Now if you do the PowerUp it asks for quantity which you can set to whatever but it doesn't say you need to send in two transmitters and receivers if you put 2 as your quantity.

    Does anybody know if you need to send one set of old transmitter and receivers per quantity of the new 2.4?

    I don't think you need to but I just don't want to send them in and have them not send me back two or whatever.

    Does anybody have any experience with it?


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    do it from your lhs. that way you can just order 2 and give them both of your radios.

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