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    Best place for preglued wheels and tires?

    Went out to the race track on Saturday with the new Slash PE. Very fast, really nice truck, but the stock tires absolutely blow for a race track. Car spins out all over the place.

    I hear a lot about the Calipers. So my question is, where is the best place to order up sets of those tires with Slash 4x4 rims already glued in place?

    I know that I can order them separately and I did it with other trucks that way in the past. But they never seem to come out as good or hold up as long the ones that come preglued from the factory.

    So, where do you guys order yours from?

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    My LHS stocks them, but pretty much any of the popular internet vendors can hook you up.
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    take a look at tower hobbies they have a pretty good selection

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    Split 6 beadlocs are the wat to go if you can, theyve held up to several 3s lipo high speed runs, and have switched tires several times
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