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    Anyone using Smart temp on board gauge?

    Not sure if this can be done as the 2.4 is spread spectrum??

    I have a Duratrax ir gauge but its a pain taking my body and outerwears off to check my temp.. The benefit is that it'll basically shut off power if the motor reaches a preset temp..

    Is anyone running one with their slash or 2.4 system?


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    I use my body reamer to cut a nice hole directly above the motor, that way, I just pull the truck up to me, point the temp gun in the hole and it reads the motor temp and I never have to take the body off. The esc I have has a fan that will come on and take care of itself. I also use the O'Donnell Temp Gun ( because you can stick the point into the hole farther and get a more accurate reading. You could always get one of these:

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