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    I would like to assume that the Trim tabs for the Titan are bendable as well? Maybe I can make adjustments that way w/ out the need for the Adjusters themselves?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PBO
    so why would you want to increase the wetted surface area in your RC boat when the water surface is smooth & decrease in the opposite conditions?
    I'm trying to understand your question.
    But essentially you can adjust the wetted surface to whatever you like or prefer no matter the conditions. If you like a more stable boat you could lower the trim so the boat runs wetter. However it will run slower.
    Take a 1:1 for example. Say the water is choppy you could keep the trim low and it would more-so cut through the waves. Or you could raise it up and stay more on top of the waves if you will. The efficiency of the boat will vary depending on angle however. But the same principle is involved for r/c.

    And makaveli I would assume they should be easy to bend, especially if there are optional adjusters for them. So yes i'm sure it's very possible to adjust them by themselves. The only problem is if they happen to bend too easily or the metal weakens from repeated adjustment they could flex under certain water pressure conditions, changing the angle of them.
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    Hmmm been away for a while painting boats. So the new Titan still hasn't come out yet huh?

    I wonder if they will sponsor me with a hull to modify and put a .45 nitro engine in and race at the 2011 Nationals in Los Angeles. The last nationals they held there I ran my "Aeromarine" Titan to the National Championship with a perfect score and fast time of the event against a fleet 61 boats with drivers from New York to California as well as Australia, Puerto Rico, and the UK.

    Would be cool to break out a Traxxas Craft for that.

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