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    Traxxas VXL esc and novak brushless 17.5

    Hello all, I want to race the Slash stock class and need a new motor. Is the Novac sensored brushless motor compatible with my Traxxas VXL esc? If not is there a 17.5 brushless that will work with it? Is my stock Traxxas VXL brushless motor considered a stock 17.5? If so, I could use that to race but I don't know if it is. (can you tell I'm a newbie to brushless??)

    Everything on the Slash is stock. the novac link is posted below:

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    the 17.5 will work with the vxl esc. i would stay away from novak on the 17.5 though. my friend had one that just randomly died. it became hard to turn and it wasnt a bearing. then two others with a 8.5 and 13.5 had their motors die within an hour. all motors were under 130*F. i wont buy a novak 540 motor after that day.
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    I think the VXL motor is a 10 turn ,, i may be off alittle but you can check traxxas web site in the knowledge base and find out for sure... but i think its a 10 turn

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