Just came back from my first serious bash, romp, climb session and the best upgrade in my rig is by far the 4WS. The tekin was good, but it was just a convient (lipo) upgrade - in reality I was perfectly happy with my dewalt. The aluminum roll cage was great (I flipped my jeep down the hill 3 times and the truck came away unscathed) great upgrade, but the 4WS was excellent.
I fashioned a simple aluminum bracket to keep it sturdy (it wobbles some at first) so now its rock solid and feels like stock . But the maneuvarability was outstanding!!! I was literaly twisting and circling my way around brushes and clumps of grass. Even in loose sand when I started to spin my wheels the ability to turn the rear wheels and grip traction from the side was a life saver. But I was most impressed with the high speed handling. At first it took a while to learn how to turn at high speeds, a hair too much steering would send you fliping and flying (especially since my truck is jacked up to the sky). But once I lightened up my grip on the steering knob and learned to feather it I found I could do a 180 degree turn literally on a dime, in grass or loose dirt and still keep the speed up. I was having fun practicing zig-zag maneuvers like in those high speed police chase scenes. For such a simple upgrade (I took the long way to discover how simple it is too do) it is more than worth it. My next upgrade will definately be a front dig, two of those hill tumbles could have been solved by pulling with the front wheels and not pushing with the rears. What fun.

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