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Thread: no lights dead?

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    no lights dead?

    I ve a slash 2 wheel with brushless xl3, well i think i may have left it on for a few weeks, lipo batt is dead and can't charge it (can i fix this somehow?).I put a fresh lipo batt in and wheels strighten then nothing no light is on,do you think i burnt out somthing. I am new to this and keep learning the hard way$$$$

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    Normally nothing should be burnt out, but that lipo is definitely dead, and so could you have been.. a lipo that is discharged so far can go up in flames. You may want to pay better attention to them.

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    LiPo's are dangerous. As said above, they can go on fire. So be careful. (Not saying you are not careful).
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    it is almost number 1 rule that you don't leave any batteries connected to your ESC even if the car is turned off. the result (as you face now) is that your batteries are dead. there's very minor chance that someone with the right knowledge and right gadgets could save them for you, but it is as everyone already said DANGEROUS to play with them in order to save them. the bro advice (well as well as the pro advice ) is that, you dump them in the trash and get yourself a new set of batteries.
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