Hi folks

3 weeks ago I ordered the KD v2.3 aluminum chassis and just before weekend it arrived here in Norway (which is a decent delivery time over seas).. Unfortunately my wife had made weekend plans for us but last night I managed to complete the build and had really fun while doing it.

Have read different views on this KD-design but afetr 2 tail landings with broken rear hubs and last time even broken chassis as a result I'm was up for something else... Crazy expensive but this hobby is I have learnt

The new KD 2.3 chassis is 100% plug an play. Drive shafts, servo's, front, rear, receiver and esc fits perfectly. The servo's are a bit further from the center point of the chassis so servo links needs to be extended and the chassis is a bit longer (???) than stock so I needed to make some new holes in my hood.

Improvements from earlier versions (based on what I have read) is full fit for all 5608 stock parts, bottom plate attached to read bulk heads (stability and hopefully reduces bulk breakage) and the "ABC-plastic" connector between top and bottom plate.

Have only managed to a quick test run but LCG seems lower and the car is definitly stiffer.. The next question now is durability/bashability... I'll revert on that later..

Here's some pics:

Comments on set-up appreciated (e.g how to mount Traxxas sway bar on those aluminum rear rockers...)...

Experience on KD v2.3 only from people who have actually tried it please (v2.1/v2.2 can be discussed in their respective threads )

Erland - the viking