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    Has anyone heard anything about the titan yet

    has any one heard what the reasoning was behind the delay i am really curious and would love to know what they are fixing

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    Unless Traxxas releases an official update on the situation, no one knows. Just hang in there!

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    Its too fast they have to make it go slower so the kiddies dont hurt themself. there have been reports on the news of mini revo vxl's going to fast and breaking the sound barrier. in turn this bust the ear drums of unsuspecting watchers of this machine. And now since the boat is going to do the same they are afraid that when the titan hits mach 2 the sound wave off the water will generate a tidalwave that could threaten the lives of people in and near the water. and the poor fishies. hahahahah yeah i think the wait is making me crazy
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    LOL! Yeah...someone is a little impatient. Your thought process made me laugh though.
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    I wonder who will be the first to see 60mph out of this boat with the stock electronics?
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