Erevo has their speed challenge, the slash has their racing set ups, the Tmaxx has their aluminum blings , Whe have our custom crawlers. Post up your set up, with detailed specs and a few pics, especially if its customized but ofcourse all is welcome - Lets bragg. Since its my post - Me first. Me first. Me first


Name : Pit Bull Summit
motor : TEkin 1900kv T8
ESC : Tekin RX8
Spur/pinion : 22/54
Batts : (2)3s lipos in parallel (10000mah)
speeds : 35ish
Run time : 1hr 10min - mostly crawling
BODY : Jeep Rubicon
Suspension : Stock long travel
Radio sys : Spektrum DX3R
# of lights : 14- stocks + light bar

Bolt ons : Led light bar, 23mm hexes, aluminum servo guards and skid plates,

Custom :
hand made aluminum roll cage, Led light wired to body post , so the lights come on when then body is placed on the car, 4WS (rear steer), Hobbywing $10 208oz torque servos all around

Comments : good speed, a little top heavy to be a serious rock crawler but does well on hills, motor gets a little warm with serious bashing (will go down to an 18 pinion soon), roll cage is INDESTRUCTABLE I could roll down Mt. Everest without a scratch, 2.5 foot turning radius with rear steer, tekin slow crawl is amazing.