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    Watch out for rain gutters

    I went to a friends house and wanted to show off the slash with two batteries in series. I knew the steering servo was acting up but then I lost control of the car for some reason and it drove itself right into the rain water gutter on the street. I think it was about 10 feet down and only way to get to it was to remove the man hole cover and drop a ladder down to get it. My wife was flipping out thinking it was gone and I was a little concerned myself. There was only about an inch of water that it was sitting in. Seemed to servive the drop undamaged.

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    You sure showed off.
    Showed off how well rc's find the one spot out of all the surroundings that could make things worse. Usually its a mailbox stake, this time a raingutter.
    I can just picture it happening... Glad it turnd out good for you.

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    Yes they do find the one spot that gets us into the most trouble. I nailed my wife's rear tire (only car in on the entire street) with my 1/5 scale Rampage and tore the entire left front end off. Trashed her wheel cover as well. About a $100 mistake!

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