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    Better tires for ERBE?

    Any suggestions on some tough (and cheap) wheels/tires for my ERBE?

    My stockers are in decent shape, but just put 6s in today and one came unglued withing first 5 minutes! (ballooning at high speed)

    I was thinking some truggy tires (cheap white or yellow rims) taped on the inside might work well.

    I've come across several buggy and truggy tires for racing (small bump tread) but I'm not sure which to get...I assume Truggy over buggy.

    But what is the deal with the offsets? Is there a certain offset needed for the ERBE or is it just preference?

    THanks all!

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    I think we are all waiting for better tires to handle ballooning at high speeds. I've found that Pro-line Badlands with a layer or 2 of duct tape on the inside of the tire works well. they have lasted the longest so far. I also had a set of pro-line mashers before the badlands, but didn't like them cuz they were so i got wider offset wheels by accident. I don't like the wide offset like many others who do...just felt the revo was already wide enough. There are suspension tweaks to solve the roll-overs when turning, instead of using wide offset wheels.

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    Check out this thread, it will give you good idea's of what works well on the erbe and the looks you like best.
    As far as offset its really just personal preference, some like the look/improved handeling of a wider offset and some prefer a narrower stance. I have noticed the offset wheels kill carrier bearings faster especially if your tires are out of ballance but they do improve stability.
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