I am getting a bit annoyed by the people complaining that a slash 4x4 can not get a podium place on a short course race
I keep reading that a hyper or a jamming is way superior to a slash 4x4.
That a slash 4x4 is a basher and not a racer.

I live in the Netherlands and I do get up the podium occasionally.
The hobby is not that big here . I guess we have about 50 short course racers here in the Netherlands, and mainly drive slash 4x4 and a few Jammins.

How about you guys in the USA ? do you slash 4x4 drivers take a podium?

Is it fair to compete against Jammins and Ofnas ?

What do you think? What is your opinion?

Slash 4x4 is a great car, maybe a bit harder to drive under certain circumstances

Should Traxxas make a low COG slash 4x4?

How many really serious short course competitors does the USA have?
Im not talking about the pros but folks that actually practice a lot and do a race every week?