Hi everyone, I am out camping for the labor day long weekend and on the way out of town I checked the mail and luckily there was a brand new set of SMC 2s 9000 Mah LiPo packs in the box, talk about great timing. Got my first test on them this morning.

I am currently running a Novak 7.5 HV system with 15/68 gearing and of course the new 2s 9000 Mah packs. Losi claw MT tires(very close to same size as stock). We ran for nearly 2 hrs, in the walking trails. Not bashing, not really crawling, just sorta hiking. I just recharged the new LiPos and they only took 3500 Mah. I can't wait to go find some rocks tomorrow and see how this monster performs.

One note on the batteries themselves. They are not a great fit in the summit. These packs are just thin enough to squeeze them in the comparments. Infact one pack is abouit 1/8" thicker than the other(strange)