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    Sick of my nimh's.. how do i go lipo ?

    Hello friends.
    as title said, im sick of those nimh's i use right now.

    I'd like to consult with you guys about new lipo setup, basically all i care about is run time at a decent cost, not the most expensive, not the most cheap.
    If you could please tell me what do i need to do to move to lipos and state the parts i would need.
    i prety much run stock summit, just crawling and a little bashing, plus i have no idea about lipos, not the parts i need nor how to charge them or anything else.

    p.s id like to charge both lipos at the same time if possible, and have a car charger too (?)...

    Thank you
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    Hi,I use a hextronic charger/balancer with a 5A power supply,(real car battery charger) .******* lipo's are good but cheap. You can't go above 16.8V with the stock esc. Have a look on ebay,Check battery compartment size,and get the max mah lipo that'll fit(my manual's gone missing,great as I'm trying to figure out wich servo wire goes where!!) The site'll have battery dimensions.should get 5000mah in easily,I ordered 4500 cause the e shop didn't have 5000mah's.Impatient?lol

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    You will need a lva or a lvc as the evx 2 does not have one built in.[Low voltage alarm] [Low voltage cut off]The chargery bm6 is recomended
    for multiple lipo charging you need a good charger like 0ne of these.
    for lipos I'm running these there reasonably priced but you have to put your own ends on.
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    Do a search there has been heap of threads on both of these requests

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    some good info on post #3 of this thread.

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