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    Question summit care ideas

    i recently cleaned my summit and went through it to make sure all's well with my moving parts and all, and i got to wondering if anyone has some cool tricks or ideas on care/maintenance that they use. Any ideas?l

    I wash mine down and wd-40 it sometimes and i armor all the body and stuff whenever it needs it, but usually i don't treat it like a trailer queen just thought maybe someone has some good ideas we could all use?
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    Check for loose screws, check slipper is tight, check for worn & twisting/twisted driveshafts and joints. All the usual things really..
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    i use tire cleaner on my whole truck it make it look brand new except for the scraches but only use it if the truck is kind of dirty other wise if its really dirty it kind of doesnt do anything lol
    if your not breaking anything get more air

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    Air compressor to blow the dust off the chassis and electrics, the body itself gets sprayed under the hose, followed by drying with compressed air (I don't abuse mine in mud, so never had to deal with cleaning that off it).

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