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    Questions Before Purchase

    Just sold a couple of Slash trucks that were supposed to be for my son & I, but he has no interest. I, however, have been bitten! Would existing Summit owners please chime in on the following:

    - with stock setup & batts that come with the Summit, what do you average for run time?
    - with stock setup & batts, what do you think the speed is? I'm not a speed freak, just curious
    - who's added a LVC and what batts do you use?
    - does the Titan 775 & stock ESC like LiPo batts?
    - what's the one thing that should/needs to be changed from stock?


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    Top speed 15 to 20 tops.
    I'm running 2 lva with 2s 5000mah 30c lipo
    seems to like them just fine.
    Depends on what you want the truck to do.steering servos are prone to eating gears.
    RPM bumper mounts are much stonger than the stockers.
    Other than that It's pretty good out of the box.
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    Yea 15-20
    I crawl on a wood pile most of the time but I do always run a couple laps in my gravel driveway and it usually last about 45-60 mins and that's with the stock 3000mah batterys.

    It's a pretty tough truck, but the steering servos died but thankfully traxxas replaced them for free. And I've broken about 4 halfshafts but those were mainly my fault..

    For upgrades i don't care what anybody says I love my Integy aluminum a-arms, hubs, rocker arms and pushrods. The traxxas tie rods are very strong aswell.

    But the truck 100% stock is a very strong and durable truck.. And I can't complain with the stock batterys.

    I also use the Dynamite prophet sport battery charger..... It works but takes about an hour for each battery...
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    Top speed is not bad for a single brushed motor and a car as huge and heavy as the summit. Just as Traxxas says, it is a little over 20mph. As for run time, it depends on how you drive it. With all high gear running, I would say 20 min (with stock batteries of course). With lots of low gear running I have gotten around 45 min. I am assuming LVC means low voltage cuttoff (I am still getting used to all the acronims). You only need that for lipos, which it sounds like you want to use. And yes, get one. It is a safety measure that you will really want. I don't personally run lipos (Nimh's are just fine for me), but I have heard and seen that they work great (don't go above 2s on each side). The only thing I have changed from stock on my truck is an overhead lightbar, stiffer springs in the rear (to limit truck squat), and a wheelie bar. You will want a wheelie bar, trust me. It is so much fun to pull wheelies all the way down the street. As for stuctural or strength parts, I have had no problems with all my stock stuff.
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