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    Quick charger Help / Advice


    I have three 8.4volt 5000nimh batteries for my slash, I want to quick charge them from my car battery whilst I am out bashing. I have a prolux unico mini charger and it has a 1A, 2A and 4A setting, so far I have used it on the 4A setting and left it on for 25 minutes, the charger has a full charge alarm but it hasn't gone off yet, would the battery be fully charged after 25 minutes or will it take longer?

    I also have an old set of resited charging leads for the car battery, there is no timer you just leave the battery connected for 15 minutes and it is charged, are these very good and should I be using it?

    Any advice would be great.


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    I would recommend a Hyperion charger. They have more than enough power to charge your battery. If you eer decide to go lipo it will also fast charge those. You will be happy with a Hyperion.

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    well if the battery is 5000 mah =milli amp -hour . to fully charge the battery at a 5 amp rating it would take and hour so.. at 4 amps it will take a little over an hour
    someone correct me if im wrong
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    Not quite correct, hurley.

    My 4500mah 7 cell takes about 70 minutes to charge @ 5 amps
    My 4200mah 6 cell takes about 60 minutes to charge @ 5 amps
    My 8000mah 2s lipo takes about 45 minutes to charge @ 7 amps

    So you see, if it really took an hour to charge a 2000mah battery at 2 amps, my lipo would take over an hour, my 6 cell would take less than an hour, and my 7 cell would take less than an hour.

    Back to dally, your 7 cells should take about 1:20 to charge fully on 4 amps.
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