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Thread: Body Question

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    Body Question

    I am thinking about getting the Raptor body from jc. Is that body as strong as a proline body? I am a Ford Raptor fan and really like this body.

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    I just got a Truth body and it is not as thick as my bodies Pro line body. But both are a lot thicker then the stock bodies.

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    I have a few bodies from JC they are super strong...

    Stronger then some Prolines IMO... Maybe not as thick but stong...
    I beat the snot out of my basher body and it's scuffed but no cracks or tears.

    I have two Raptor bodies! They are SWEET......
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    I have a raptor body and the top and most of the sides are very thick, but the bottom quarter of the sides get thinner but they are still thicker than a stock body. They are well worth it, I have one already and have ordered another one for my second truck.
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