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    Quote Originally Posted by blrevo
    as a rally driver i would call this a rally car
    its just out of the box "set up" for tarmac
    gravel or offroad will require a different shock set up and tyre combo
    what i would like however is a way to lock up the back wheels (like my hydraulic handbrake) , and more realistic skidplates for offroad
    Sure it's more of a tarmac set-up, out of the box - and I don't think they're marketing of it to this point has suggested anything but that.
    If it was the case, I would have thought the Rally would have come with more offroad-worthy tires (like something more spike-ish).

    Adding other things, like a "hydraulic handbrake," would require some aftermarket modifications - in the same manner that no real car comes with a hydraulic handbrake..... in addition to things like "realistic skidplates" since nothing on the streets comes that way either.
    This is an RTR after all.

    Perhaps companies like T-Bone Racing, which has made bumpers and skidplates for other RCs including the mini-Revo, will release something - but I think it's where it's going to come down to the real hobbyists to do some tweaking on their own to make these little rockets happy in the gravel and off-road.

    Personally, I think people need to spend more time figuring out ways to make it do what they want it to do instead of spending their time gripping that it doesn't do what they think it should do - out of the box.
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