Hase anybody tried it yet? High grip foam or rubber tires for use on carpet or tarmac circuits? Can it handle high speeds while cornering? I posted this reply and i'm very curious:

What would happen with the Rally on touringcar 'high grip' tires, no 'gymkhana' driving, just grip!

I own the 1/16 onroad carbon street/ low center off gravity 1/16 slash on this forum. I got realy frustated because off tumbeling over by high speed cornering. That was at last solved with my last mod, by making a custom engine mount/ dropping the (standard-) brushless engine as low possible.

So would this car also get frustated when you try to keep up the tricked out tt-01's or more box standard 1/10 2-cell lipo 10,5T touringcars from X-ray, TC, etc? Just lowering, that's the trick for mini revo's and high grip tires, lowering my slash didn't do the job for me...

Is 'gymkhana' driving the only way to go for the Rally, just slide? And is precisely driving following the track possible 'gymkhana' driving style in 1/16 scale? I tried it with my 1/10 xray T2 touring equiped with very cheap onroad rubber tires, not that much grip. It 's very difficult to drive fast/ high speeds, sliding, 'gymkhana' style and still drive accurate (to compare it with drifting, drifting is almost easy in regards to 'gymkhana' driving).