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    Question 3cell Lipo that fits in Stampede VXL 4x4?

    I'm having a tough time finding a 3s Lipo battery that will fit in the battery tray of my Stampede VXL 4x4? Any suggestions? It's the width and length that are giving me issues.....


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    Try SMC batteries. Check the specs right on their pages for their batteries. I am pretty sure they have something that will fit.

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    Powerhobby, smc. Ditch the factory hold downs and go for straps.

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    I just recently picked up a traxxas 3s 5000, new style plug and fits for me. A bit snug, but it did fit.

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    The standard hard case packs should work. I used SMC 2S hard case in mine and ended up taking 3 of them apart to build 2 3S packs, but still used the case halves for the top/bottom.

    Also, hobbystar 5200mah 3S soft packs fit.

    Photo's of the SMC 2S 7400mah, SMC 3S 7200mah I made out of older 2S 7200mah packs and the Hobbystar 3S 5200mah soft packs:

    That reminds me, I need to decommission the ones I made as they are getting hard to charge and run time is getting low. I still have 4 or 6 good 2S packs, so will need to fiddle around this winter and tear them apart to make a couple 3S packs again.
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    Yes to SMC they have a drop down menu that shows what batteries fit what cars

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