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Thread: Diff removal

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    Diff removal

    Anyone know of a write up for diff removal for the 1/16 summit. I just picked up some 125k diff oil and know i could get it apart.....but would probably end up taking the long way around, and end up forgetting how to get it back together.

    I'm a newb of course...

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    I would start for removing the body mounts, then shocks towers after that you will see two screws under the shocks take those two, now under the chassis for the rear take out the first 4 on the center plate, if you pull gently it should come out completely the rear part. The front is simillar but you have to remove the links to the steering, once you have both rear and front will be more easy to take those apart and what I do is put apart each piece with their screws. You can take a look at the exploded views it could help or youtube (erevo diff shim)
    good luck.
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