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    Actual Selling Price??

    I know Traxxas is advertising a $399 street price, which is the same as the Slash 4x4. Towerhobbies sells the Slash 4x4 for 369, but they have the 4x4 Pede listed at 399. Will the actual price of the 4x4 Pede be around 369 aswell? Or will it always stay $20-$30 more than the Slash 4x4 despite the same suggested price from Traxxas?

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    I would guess the price will be the same as the 4x4 Slash. They will most likely sell the first run at $399 then drop the price after Christmas. The prices always come down $40-$50 after the car has been out a few months. With the Tower discount you should be able to get one for around $300 mid next year.
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    Actually, tower always lists their pre-order prices as full list (what traxxas is saying) but sells them cheaper when the units actually arrive. The titan for example was listed at $399... but by the time I had canceled my order it was down to $379 before the discount...
    My guess, the pede 4X4 will sell for $369-379 when it finally arrives.

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