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    Finally got a quiet weekend (kids with Grandma, my woman is at work, my team does not play untill monday night). So I put in more work on The Funky Gecko.
    original build thread:

    So far the front-front melded chassis has been dyed black and is doing well :

    the Tekin RX8 is boxed and waterproofed:

    and the body is all prepped:

    But as I mentioned in my prior post the chassis is much longer than I had anticipated (actually 1:6 scale) wich is pretty neat - it allows me more space for the boxed Tekin, a second rx box (for future electronics) and a larger motor if I choose.

    But my body was still 1:8 scale and when I fitted the new body - It was too short!! In the back was the exposed rockers, axle and rear springs. I was thinking of how to cover up the rear (plastic box, cut and stretch the body, re-do and shorten the chassis etc etc) then I thought "Why?", Its The Funky Gecko - just make it funkier. P-FUNK . (Thats old school Parliament Funkadelic for you young cats.):

    And so instead of covering up the rear I left it exposed and grafted on a partial roll cage with LED "off-road" lights.

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