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    tuning issue? or trans?

    Alright, I have a tmaxx 2.5 my engine would not hold compression for very long so I just bought a replacement 2.5r. Whenever my truck idles it keeps kicking into gear and moves on it's own. I would believe its a tuning issue but the old engine did the same thing. I did buy the truck used so maybe the previous user did something to the transmission? Im new so I don't know much about this but I wanted to get my truck where it will idle and not move after I let off the throttle. If anyone can help me id appreciate it.

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    Sounds like your idle speed is a little too high, which is causing the centrifugal clutch in the transmission to engage. Just lower the idle until the truck stops jumping. If you can't maintain a low idle, you need to fine tune the low speed needle on the carburetor.
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    mine did the same thing but my idle wouldn't make it stay still so i tried it with the low speed needle and it worked so hope you figure it out if you haven't already

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