I was at my LHS yesterday and they had a mini summit sitting there... oh man... I really liked it. Suspension was so plush and it just looks so cool. Needless to say I spent quite a while ogling it.

Heres my concerns... the wheels and tires are substantially larger than the MERV and I know people have reported a few issues with the drive shafts and diffs even with the smaller MERV wheels/tires... do you guys have any issues with drive shafts and diffs on the summit? The video on traxxas shows the truck running some rough terrain but not exactly the same type of terrain id be running... id be bashing this truck... will it live or will I be spinning shafts constantly? I already do that with my pede... The stock shafts just look so small compared to the size of the wheels.
If they are an issue, is there a stronger option or upgrade available that wont fail?