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    traxxas t maxx 2.5r ran about 15 minutes and bert out glow 3 glow plugs

    does anyone have a clue why it is doing this. its cold here and i am running hot glow plugs.

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    Since it is cold out, are you leaning out the engine to get decent temps? You may have to richen it up and cover the head with a sock or tin foil. Hot plugs do not automatically make the engine run hotter.
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    I agree. Too lean. Start by running a body with no cut outs in the windshield and richen up the main needle by about 1/2 turn and re-tune from there.

    At least the plugs blew before the engine!

    (how cold was it when you were running?)
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    3 plugs in 15 min + the same/previous problems you had with the cold plugs would lead me to believe there is an internal problem with the engine: Debris floating around inside the combustion chamber from a bad Crank bearing or broken piston skirt will kill a plug quick.
    Hopefully it is just tune related (lean), richen the tune and see if the problem persists. If it does, its time to tear it down and have a look at the internals.
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