Thought I'd share these with you guys since a few asked. My Slash is just used as a basher and Bonneville speed runner and Camera car.
Just screwed the old lower chassis piece (Front from an old stampede) into the top of the shock tower after I predrilled the holes. The factory holes don't quite fit. Not only does it beef up the shocktower, it makes a cool little cage for the esc, a place to zapstrap the trans module to and a place to mount an airscoop/fanprotector (cut up Mobil1 oil container) for the esc. The fenders are made from a Liquid Tide jug and can be reversed to curve over the wheels or the chassis. The roll cage is to protect my camera, it is just aluminum stock from hardware store and is a work in progress.

Here is the front end mods. The deflector shield is made from a 2 litre plastic pop bottle. Cut it out from the top of the bottle to give it a nice curve. The backbraces make use of the flat predrilled countersunk ends for a solid mount to the pan. I centerdrilled the other ends after prefitting them to the right length and drilling the holes in the pan. (Start long and cut tiny amounts off till you get or desired fit). I used plastic red bushings from an old Ultima suspension as washers to make a nice connection to the Aluminum crossbrace. The "Servosaversaver" is just more aluminum stock that I cut and bent to fit.

Aftermarket mods include:
TRX Aluminium Caster blocks
TRX frnt/rear bearing carriers
RPM Swingarms
GH Racing Aluminum crossbrace and bodyposts
GH Racing Aluminum Steering Bellcrank/Idler arm/Connect rod
Spektrum 2.4Ghz Reciever
Associated Firm Gold rear springs
Novak GTB esc
Novak Velociti 5.5turn Sensored 520watt Brushless with Boca Ceramic bearings and 13mm Rotor