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    is the stampede 4x4 good offroding

    can it off road better than the xl5 and is it a good basher

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    Any truck that is 4x4 will handle much better than any two wheel drive truck.
    We can't really say for sure if it is good for bashing because the truck isn't even out yet.
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    It is obviosly going to be good for off-roading because of high ground clearence, 4wd, and plenty of power. I remember seeing a couple of times that it is about 5mph slower than VXL (on 3s) maybe more equal with lesser battery... And it is VERY slightly slower in all other on-road tests. But hey... I would take a 4x4 that is a touch slower than a 2x4 any day. I would think it would be a amazing basher, the stampede was MADE to bash, I have a VXL and it is for sure a great basher. a 4x4 would be even better, almost just as fast, and twice as good offroad with 4wd. If I had more money I would get a 4x4 pede in a heartbeat.
    So I taped my hamster to the Pede..

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