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    Should I get a Rally VXL?

    Hey Guys,

    I do a ton of reading on here, but never post. I'm a 4x4 nitro guy, but I'm seriously considering getting one of these rally cars. My local hobby shop has them for $289.00 and they've got all of the colors. What do you guys think, should I take the plunge and spend the money on one of these sweet looking little cars? I live in the Pacific NW, so it's cold and raining now. Will I enjoy driving this thing when it's wet? I've always been a 4x4 guy because you can take them anywhere. Would I end up regretting spending the money on one of these?

    My other option is to save another $200.00 and buy a Summit, or just get the 1/16 Summit. Ohhhhh...decisions...decisions!

    I know this is all a matter of opinion, but "hey" this is a forum so let's discuss it.

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    There was another thread like this somewhere... I have thought the same thing. A MERV or a Rally? I have a Rustler VXL, but I'm not sure which to get!

    By what I've seen of the Rally, regretting buying it wouldn't be the case for me.... not sure haha.
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