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    Winter Snow Diff Oil

    Hello everyone!

    Well I just waterproofed my EREB and took it out for a drive through the snow. After a couple of minutes when the oil got up to temp in the diffs, the tires started to unload whenever it was moving less than 5+ MPH. So what diff weight do you use in your diffs? I tried 30 and 50 but I was thinking maybe like 100 or a half and half of 100 and 50?

    I want the tires to not unload so much, but I do not want a spool since those will just twist as I heard.

    So what do you guys run in the snow? Not necessarily on the EREB but in other brushless setups too?

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    I'm running 75k front and 60k rear. Get a little unloading, but not bad. Most times all four will spin. My diffs are shimmed up pretty tight as well, so that helps.

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    Okay sounds good. Yep my diffs are shimmed nice and tight too so no problems there. I will try 75 all around as last night she was unloading like madd.

    -I am also mmohoney21 (OP) as I recovered my old account now

    Thank you!

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