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    JConcepts Overtray????

    So I'm thinking that with the cold weather and snow running this might be a good idea, granted it would have to be cut and trimmed to fit the Pede

    Has anyone used it on the Slash 4x4? I figure since its so cold it wouldn't really matter for motor/ESC cooling at this point, and it should keep the snow out of the chassis where it likes to accumulate. Joe

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    The pede 4x4 is both narrower and shorter, you'd basically have to cut the overtray to pieces to get it to fit right. Id try modifying an outer wears cover by cutting and gluing new velcro on. That might work.

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    So what if snow and dirt get inside? .. just blow it off when you're done. Mine is packs w/snow and slush everyday and blows right clean in less than a minute.
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