Well I took my son and summit out today to bash around the soccer field behind a local school. the temps have increased and most of the snow has melted leaving some nice muddy and watery pools.

after about 10 min the summit stopped.. i wasnt sure what was happening. I tried gunning it but the motor just started to smoke.. I thought that i fried the titan. carried it home. and took off the motor and gear cover..
I put in a 15t pinion the other day and i think it was binding with the spur gear casue it would just jam up. i set the gear mesh properly (i believe) so im not sure what was happening.. maybe something in the transmission is binding up?.. i put the stock 14t pinion back in and it seemed fine so i went back outside. and bashed some more.. got into some thick mud which was fun and then about 20 min later after hitting a few snow jumps and flipping the summit over and over . once of the battery packs came loose and one of the battery cables ripped off the cell. so I guess i have to learn to use the soldering gun i just got

the summit has taken some really hard hits and nothing has broken. if i checked to make sure the battery was properly enclosed it prob would be fine