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    Integy Roll Cage Problem

    Anyone installed the integy roll cage on their summit? It appears the screws aren't long enough (uses existing allen screws that secures the body mounts) Any ideas other than longer screws?


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    I have used several integy cages for my RCs but I have always used my own screws not the ones it came with.... one cage came with phillips-head-screws and the other came with button top heads (for allen[ hex head - whatever you call them) ) I swap them out for my own stainless steel type Allen so I dont have issues with rusting... and I prefer the socket cap type... socket heads you can grab with pliers in a crunch (or if the strip out) only problem is in sometimes you dont have the space to use them since the cap is usually about a 1/4 inch long

    Also, I used the integy slash cage is easy to mod and looks streamlined on a summit....

    Good luck I prefer the cage much more than a shell.....

    Integy Slash cage on summit:

    Current look as dually

    standard config on summit

    Just do it...they make replacement parts.VXL power

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