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Thread: gearing?

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    Question gearing?

    this weekend im geting some rims for the new bright hummer tire here http:// ( dont know if thats them i got a five yr old modle with same tred its a 1 6 not the 1 14in pic )and there the hardest tires ive felt so far. so i'm going to do some speed runs and wundering if anybodys used the gearing 18t pinion an stock spur i know what it sais in the manual
    Q whats your experience with that gearing for the people how have used it

    1 run time ?

    2 temps good or bad (the reason is im doing it is its about -6c to -8c out side)

    3 what speds to expect with the new tire's and the pinion

    thank you for your help
    sorry if it didn't make sens
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    link address bad here is what i think you wanted

    i would think a 18 pinion x 68 spur , would get the motor on the hot side . but don't hurt to try .
    sorry i don't have experience with that gearing.

    I gather you are putting the Hummer toy body on the summit ?
    How long is that body? looks pretty cool .

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    no im not going to put the shel on just the tires(shel was striped for the lghts)

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