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    Thunder AC6 Charger

    Does anyone have this charger? I just bought it and I read the manual but I still have some questions. How do u get it to go into to balance/ charge mode? Does it automatically do it when I plug in the balance connector or do I have to set it to that mode? I bought some 2s 40c batteries and I was wondering what amp to charge them at, should I do it at the default 2.0 setting. Thanks

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    It should balance the lipos automatically as it charges them, so long as the little balance connector is hooked up.

    What mah capacity are your lipos? You need to use 1amp for every 1000mah of capacity, so 5amps for 5000mah lipos, 4amps for 4000mah etc etc. Given the charger is only a 50watt unit and your lipos will be around 40-45watts ( fully charged voltage x mah / 1000 ) you wont be able to exceed a 1C / 1 hour charge rate regardless.

    Read my lipo chargers & charging tutorial:

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    I have been looking at getting this charger because of the price. How do you like it jnewmy? Also army can you charge batteries with this charger that are over 5000 mah even though it can only charge at 5 amps? Thanks
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    You need ot contact the manufacturer or vendor for tech support on this issue. Traxxas does not allow tech support for non Traxxas products on this forum.
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