Hi all. Thanks for being so helpful with my other questions.

I think dad2x said it in a thread (and I believe ive read in other places-like the manual) something to the effect that gearing ought to be based on esc and motor temps. Also, temps u get while u run in wet conditions (winter in Oregon is very rainy) are no good.

Could someone clarify this? If the motor is kept cool, why does it matter that the motor is being over stressed? Will it still breakdown much faster? I thought it was the heat that killed the motor becuz the heat will destroy the components such as the magnets and other parta not intended to run this hot.

Also does the time it.takes to reach your temperature matter? For example, I seem to remember reading about people running 30 min or more in one go. I don't understand how they do this and stay at recommended temps but that's beside the point. Let's assume they ARE able to remain within good operating temps, is it bad that MY motor gets to about 180 in 12-15 min on 2 s lipo? I assume my motor is taxed harder because I get hot faster. But if i also stop running sooner, should my motor run as long as a less stressed motor because I'm staying within good temps? A simpler way to ask, can I expect a stressed motor to last as long as a non stressed motor if the temos are kept reasonable?

I've read that motor temp in 200 F. Is not good.160 is ok.

What should esc temp be?

I have a duratrax IR temp sensor. I've changed the setting so that it measures anodized metal likebthe vxl motor can. But what abt the esc? Do I have to change it each time?