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    Stainless Steel Rocker Arm Post

    Does anybody know if the make stainless steel rocker arm posts?

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    Being so new, there are not very many specific additional parts available. So far I get directed to MERV parts because of the "interchangeability." Not sure if these will work or not, you'll probably have to compare diagrams from the manuals (available at product pages.

    Note: Can't seem to post the actual link. So enter the "Go Shopping," then do a quick search for "rocker post" and you'll see steel ones for the MERV/Slash.
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    those are the stock steel rocker arm posts..... there are no aftermarket ones available..... BUT you might be able to find some @ the hardware store, as a shouldered bolt, if you can find the right thread pitch and size....

    on of my sgt's at work broke mine, so i had to get a new bulkhead too, but i have 3 extra posts now

    and, stainless steel is actually more brittle than regular steel

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