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    Do I Need Lipos?

    First off im very very new to RC anything, my understanding is that lipos add speed or maybe longer run time? The vast majority of my running is going to be short distances over jumps hills etc. More bashing then flat out top speed racing. For the backyard bashing is it cost efficient to buy lipos?

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    You worded it incorrectly. Nobody NEEDS but want is another story. This entire forum revolves around a want. LOL

    It depends on your budget and what current charging equipment you own. If you already have LiPo capable chargers then I say it's a no-brainer to at least pick up a set for your truck. If you have to purchase an entirely new charging setup and LiPo batteries, then the cost may not be as justifiable for your use of the truck. It's somewhat pricey to get a quality charging and battery combination.
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    It's always cost efficient ti use lipos. The longer run time makes it well worth it. Then the power and speed is a bonus. I would say yes cause many people drive the same way as you.
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    If you've never seen an ERBE on Lipos, then no you don't NEED them. If you have seen an ERBE on Lipos, then yes, lipos are a must have!!!!

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    ykndoit1 , it could not have been said any better
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