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    Lipos for 1/16 Rally

    What lipos fit the rally lineup? Or if you know post the max size of physical lipo that will fit. Max amps has the 1/16 e-revo at 99mm x 34mm x 16mm, 2200mah 2s pack.
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    SPC 2S 2300mAh
    SPC 3S 1600mAh

    Both these fit without any mods to the boxes.

    ***** 2S 2200mAh
    ******* 2S 2200mAh (These are right about 105mm long and it's about the max you want to try stuffing in there)
    Rhino 3S 1550mAh

    These have required minor mods to the doors to shut correctly.

    There are a few Hyperion packs that I have gotten in the boxes but I forget which ones off the top of my head. I don't have any of these yet but there are a few Hyperion EX packs that the dimensions show some promise.

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    Duratrax makes a few 2S packs that fit (their listed as 1/16 packs). They fit great. But for the money, the SPC packs are just too good a deal. Especially when you factor in the quality and customer service.

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    too bad spc is out of stock. im patiently waiting ide like to get a 3s pack and two 2s

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