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    Question ESC problem think i found somthing!

    I just did a test because my ESC sometimes shuts off and i have to move the radio trigger back and then fourth and it starts working again... So here is what i found If I held my summit off the ground and start it up as slow as possible and did this very slowly increasing throttle speed when it is some where in the bigining first slow spots of speed you hit a spot where the esc blips off and on really fast like there is a dead spot at super low speed.... I think this is why they shut down and come back on when driving somthing is definitly wrong with the esc in a certain slow speed point it acts crazy...Try it out see if yours does it...and remember try and go as slow as possible moving the throttle so you hit the spot it's someplace in the first few slow speed steps of the esc.
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    Interesting, I'll have to try that on mine, though I haven't had any esc problems.

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