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Thread: tire wobble??

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    tire wobble??

    so my 5603 e revo the tires wobble when i hold it in the air and accelerate.
    now they wobble to the side but it looks like alittle bit up and down???
    i have checked every thing and its all tight.
    is this normal???

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    It is fairly normal sadly. Check it isnt just the tyre thats been glued slighty ski-wiff to the rim firstly by swapping wheels around. If they are all glued unevenly or slightly on the wonk, then you'd need to unglue the tires and re-do them properly ( hurrah for factory tire gluing... not ). If how ever the wheel itself feels wobbly on the stub axles, then you may need/want to invest in some better hexes, or use some thin washers/ shims between the hex and the outer bearing to remove any play that is present.
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    Had similar problem when I bought new Proline street rims and tires. Was good up until 3/4 throttle then things got... bouncy. Proline RMA'd the tires. Haven't got around to putting the new set together yet.

    LHS suggested getting a model airplane prop balancer for $20, then adding mirror putty(?) to the low spots. Youtube has some videos on this. Seems like in modern manufacturing they can balance a set of rims and tires out the door.

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    balancing FTW!!!

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    I balanced mine yesterday.. It took 5-10 grams on each wheel.... MT badlands on Mugen wheels.
    Well worth the 30min`s it took.

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